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Looking for a load balancer with unique requirements

Hello guys, I'm just a development manager, but I'm being asked by owners to come up with a hardware recommendation for a load balancer. There are some unique requirements for our system, though, so I'm not sure if there are any specific things I need to look for, or if there even are load balancers that can do this.
So we need a load balancer mostly to handle application updates without interruption and handling redundancy. We still have to make relatively frequent updates to our code, but we need those to have 0 interruption if possible. The actual workload is easily manageable by one system, we have 8 cores on the system and it frequently sits at 2-5% cpu, rarely spiking above 10%, if business plans go well, load may double, but no plans lead to a 10 fold increase in the near future.
Now for (what seems to me) the complicated part of the request. We essentially have one outside system that we work with, they open up a single socket connection to us and send all traffic in through that same open connection. Each stateless message is a binary stream separated by STX/ETX bytes, but the socket stays open and the outside system sends messages as fast as they get them. They do not wait for a response on these messages, they send the message and when we have an answer we send it back with an ID from their message to indicate which message we're answering.
All load balancers that I've seen have balanced/switched based on routing the entirety of a connection's traffic when it is opened. This has caused a problem in the past because we take a system out of our load balancer to make an update to the application or the kernel and the customer may keep that socket open with messages being regularly exchanged for hours or days, waiting for the traffic to naturally terminate before performing our updates is not really an option.
I'm thinking we may not be able to do this with a load balancer, we may have to have a simple, small, efficient microservice that transforms these messages into distinct transactions and then let the application logic sit on the opposite side of a more simple load balancer. Not sure how we'd manage kernel updates for that system with 0 downtime if we go that route.
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